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 Negima!? Neo - Lesson 005

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PostSubject: Negima!? Neo - Lesson 005   Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:04 pm

Negima!? Neo
Lesson 005 HQ

Scanlated by Enigma! Group
Translator: asheiji
Proof-reader: Draco
Editor: WarriorKK

Download: Mediafire || Rapidshare || Torrent

- The glorious Revival of a long forgotten manga. An alternate story line mirroring the greatness of Negima!. And an early Christmas present for all Negima! fans brought to you by Enigma! Group
- As lesson 0 to 4 were scanlated by AQS and F-O, for now, we will just start from where they left off with the fifth lesson.
- Please leave your comment and give us your support!!
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Negima!? Neo - Lesson 005
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