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 Status Change Request!

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PostSubject: Status Change Request!   Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:56 am

Request for change for the following Status go here, including:

Enigma! Members:
Although you would be automatically changed to a new status once admitted/removed into our team. In certain and specific cases, request you can status change.

RAW Providers:
• Must be the one who scans the medium by yourself; or
• Must be the one who actually gets the RAWs from P2P program such as Winny, Share, Perfect Dark, etc.
• Contributing constantly
Note: This is subjective. The staff will decide if you contributed enough for the status. At this time, there is no different between the RAW Providers' and regular members' previledges, so please don't abuse this status.

For other status:

Vietnamese: Make your request here. You need this status to post in the Vietnamese section.

Moderators: Unavailable for request at the moment.


Think you have the ability? Give it a try...
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Status Change Request!
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