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 Negima!? Neo - Lesson 010

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PostSubject: Negima!? Neo - Lesson 010   Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:09 am

Negima!? Neo
Lesson 010 M/HQ

Scanlated by Enigma! Group
Translator: Shin
Proof-reader: Draco
Editor: WarriorKK, cloudproud

Mirror: Mediafire || Rapidshare

~ Sorry for being late, but we're quite sure that our translation as well as editing quality is much better than certain someone's on many levels, you know. If you could wait for this series for a years, why not just a little bit longer for a much better quality? (*arrogant mode*)
~ Recruiting J-E translator, especially Proof-reader.

Online Viewing: Mangahelpers
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Negima!? Neo - Lesson 010
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