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 Negima!? Neo - Lesson 014

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PostSubject: Negima!? Neo - Lesson 014   Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:04 pm

Negima!? Neo
Lesson 014 HQ

Scanlated by Enigma! Group
Translator: canikizu
Proof-reader: Rin Umiko, Draco
Editor: WarriorKK, Cooldaigia, cloudproud, bigbangs

Mirror: Mediafire || Rapidshare

~ Since we have three translators for this project, we're lacking full-time editors to catch up their translations (_ _)" We need more editors can do cleaning, denoising, especially re-building. Any applications please visit our site in the link belows.
~ This is the last chapter of volume 3, and the end of Star Crystal story, as we knew, it's the end of Negima!? anime. Thank for your reading our scanlations. From volume 4, Negima!? Neo will have another story.
~ OAD Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa ALA ALBA~ episode 3 is out...
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Negima!? Neo - Lesson 014
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